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Graduate of College for Creative Studies with a BFA. Studied Entertainment Arts (Animation) with a base in Illustration.

This is my creative blog. Here you will find anything from artwork and writings to animations and photography. Perhaps a little lifestyle thrown in. Whereever creativity leads me.

Illustration above is a crop of my story titled Neither Here Nor There available at Amazon.

My Inspirational Blog

The piano music ran softly through the house

Light on the notes it rang out

Floating its vibration through the floor

Tapping and caressing softly each thing it came across

It’s impossible to control the world, but you can control your world.
Came to me the other day.
Sometimes I’d like to paint some sense into you.
Apparently common sense isn’t so common, unfortunately.

I was lost

Having shattered that day

Broken I thought, beyond repair

Until you stepped in

And I was lost no more

Stop thinking other people’s thoughts. Think your own.
World would be better for it no?

Photoshop Reel

Neither Here Nor There by Desertfire

Illustration to my story Neither Here Nor There. It is now available at the Amazon Kindle store.

The Book’s trailer is available.

The Unofficial Inspirational Soundtrack to my story,

I’ve never done drugs.

I never planned to.

And why should I,

When life itself is a beautiful drug?

—-No seriously it is.

Despite all the bad things there are many good things about life. There is a whole world out there. So many different cultures and people and places to meet and explore.

Why then tell me, would any get stuck in the rut of life?

Lift your head and see what’s around you.

Rabbit Antenna

They say “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”,

So is there really such thing as ugly?


"One man’s trash is another man’s treasure."

Italian-style Chicken with oven-baked vegetable (with some of the juice from the chicken on it) and dressing.

This was our dinner for two days. It’s is so good! Added yet another recipe to our growing arsenal.

Can’t wait to have it again!