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Graduate of College for Creative Studies with a BFA. Studied Entertainment Arts (Animation) with a base in Illustration.

This is my creative blog. Here you will find anything from artwork and writings to animations and photography. Perhaps a little lifestyle thrown in. Whereever creativity leads me.

Illustration above is a crop of my story titled Neither Here Nor There available at Amazon.

My Inspirational Blog

I’ve been trying lately to jazz up my breakfast a little bit. So I hopped online and found a recipe for Pesto Scrambled Eggs.

It was really good! I had a piece of rye bread and orange juice with it. I didn’t follow the recipe exactly.

I ditched the excess oil it ask for since pesto is already oily. I use margarine when I make eggs. So I did that put in the eggs, the pesto and Parmesan cheese instead of cheddar it asked for. If you are like me you may not like cheese dripping all over the place unless it’s pizza or something. I put pepper in mine and ditched the salt. I never put salt in my eggs unless I’m making Indian Eggs.

I’d definitely do it again for something different. Perhaps next time if I remember I’ll take a photo of it!

The laughter you spread.

The laughter you shared.

The joy that followed your heels,

Never did any of that touch you.

For silently sorrow tailed you,

In the shadows of the joy your brought.

— This was inspired by Robin Williams death and the fact that they said ruled it a suicide. It just blows my mind as it doesn’t fit the image he created for himself and makes his death even sadder.

Walking from one end of the earth to the other

And I never found anyone like you

Swam from one ocean to the other

And no on floated like you

Climbed all the mountains and all the trees

Searched high and low

For anyone that was just like you

And for all my search

I found no one quite like you

I let each note of music tap into my senses

Each note building whatever it may

Leading me to untold discoveries

Perhaps breathing is the key to a clear head.

Perhaps a clear head is key to a clear heart.

And a clear heart would put the world to shame.

I miss the days of gentlemen and ladies.

Of hats and ties,

Beautiful dresses and kind words.

Where has basic human kindness gone?

——- Watching some of those old movies and shows makes me melancholy for this.

Take me and blur the lines

The lines to my heart

The ones to my soul

The ones to my mind

Blur the lines

And paint with them

Be the sunshine in your own life,

And you’ll find the rays of your sunshine,

Will shine upon others.