You Should Really Talk More

(at least that's what's been said)

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Life does not hold you in bondage

It does not clasp chains on you upon your birth

Per the contrary, it is meant to be explored

To take you where you are suppose to be

Do no fight it

Embrace it,

Embrace it with a smile.

—-I gotta blame the movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara for this. I just watched that movie the first time yesterday and fell in love!

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Sun Rays

The snow is melting,

Drifting away under the power of the sun,

Oh sun, fair are you!

I have missed you these long months.

Joyous am I to see you, 

To feel your rays. 

Stronger will you become in these coming months, 

And I celebrate each moment with you. 

Oh, how I look forward to the day. 

The day I can dance, carefree under your rays. 

——- The sun has been coming out more frequently these past weeks and I’m starting to feel better! Can’t wait for spring!

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They Would Hear

Why is it that people need to fill the world with so much chatter?

Especially when nothing needs to be said.

If only the world would quiet, they would hear so much more than they do.

They would hear the universe speaking to them.

They would hear the cycle of the moon and sun.

They would hear the blossom of the trees.

They would hear.

If only they’d be silent.

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